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Sonderful Writings
a non-profit organization and youth literary magazine

"everyone has a story"

Our organization is dedicated to amplifying every individual’s voice, especially those of underrepresented communities worldwide. Our name stems from the concept of sonder, which is defined in Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows as"the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own". In short; everyone has their own story and we want to help you share yours. 

Feedback Before Rejections

Our Mission's Main Policy

In Sonderful Writings, all submitters (provided they adhere to all submission guidelines) will receive feedback on improving their writing from our qualified team of editors rather than a rejection. Then, after working one-on-one with the founders and incorporating the feedback they received to create a stronger piece, the individual’s work will be featured in our quarterly issue.​ 

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Novel Excerpts & Novel Elevator Pitches 

At Sonderful Writings we offer a variety of services to help aspiring young writers.
  • Submit flash fiction, short stories, or poetry (under 1,500 wo) for a chance to be featured in the Sonderful Writings quaterly issues.
  • We also offer free editing services for novel excerpts up to 4,000 words!
  • We are even open to novel 'elevator pitches' to promote youth publishing their manuscripts despite a competitive and often strenuous process.
Learn more about each of these opportunities and their submission guidelines using the buttons below.
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