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Submission Guidelines  

Please follow these instructions carefully; we only accept pieces that adhere to all the guidelines.

All submissions are taken through the Google form, but if you have any questions you may email them to Any submissions sent to the email will be disregarded. We do not consider fanfiction, profane content, or copyrighted material. We accept the work of students ages 11-17 and encourage simultaneous submissions. Because we edit every submission and provide critical feedback, our submission cap for each quarter is thirty. However, you may sign up for the newsletter to receive updates about our open periods.

Flash Fiction

We accept flash fiction 750 words or under

Short Stories

We accept short stories 750-1,500 words.  

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We accept any kind of poetry, but you may only submit one piece 250 words or under. We prefer left-aligned poetry.

If you choose to submit your work, you agree to all the terms elaborated on in the Google form, including formatting criteria. You agree to have a one-on-one editing session with one of our editors and a critiquing session with one of the Founders before your work is published in one of our quarterly issues. 

We look forward to reading your submissions!

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